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Hear inspiring testimonials by everyday people who have healed their bodies and minds of chronic pain, illness, and/or dis-ease. Learn about different modalities for neuroscience-hacking, rewiring your brain, upgrading your mind & healing your body, so you can take your power back!

I'm your host, Chazmith, aka Just Chaz.

I Started this podcast as a way to share a powerful message that we are all self healers, and show that there are SO MANY tools we can use to heal, from expressive journaling, rewiring our brain, inner child healing, EFT, breath work, meditation, heart coherence and so much more... I wanted to create a platform that allows us to all come together and share our journies in hopes to inspire people to know that not only are we ALL self healers, but we are not alone, and we are ALL worthy of healing in mindbody, and soul. In my opinion, when we heal ourselves we help heal the planet and the collective consciousness for all of humanity.


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Hi! I am Chazmithhost of Our Power Is Within Podcast. Like many of you I have found myself spending many years navigating the ins and outs of healing through various chronic conditions, only to find myself in the constant cycle of hope and despair. Like many people who find themselves chronically ill I tried all the things in the western medicine world, then the functional and holistic world, the natural & herbal world, all leading me to let down time and time again. It wasn't until I discovered the world of the mindbody connection and mindbody syndromes that I started seeing results. 

I first learned about the mindbody connection through the work of Dr Sarno. While this knowledge did help me overcome some real pain in my body, it didn't solve all of my chronic conditions - while I was beginning to understand my symptoms were mindbody I wasn't exactly clear what to do about it. 

I then stumbled upon a brain retraining program called DNRS - where my mind was expanded to all things brain retraining. I started this voyage with much success, but still not exactly where I wanted to be. I could feel it though - I was getting closer. Along the way though as I continued to study this phenomenon of the mindbody connections and mindbody syndromes I had questions, and lots of them. The one thing I was certain about though in this journey was how important it was to TAKE OUR POWER BACK. I finally understood that healing was/is an inside job. 

The mission of my podcast, Our Power Is Within, is to inspire you to take your power back, to tap into the healer that is within you too. We all have this capacity to heal, we just need the right tools, which might not be the same for everyone. We need to believe in possibility. I know it is hard to have faith after so many let downs - as I understand all too well that navigating a life of chronic conditions can feel like a roller coaster, but I assure you there is HOPE. On my podcast I host many guests from all over the globe, some who join us  to share their powerful, inspiring amazing testimonials which inspire hope for us all. I also have guests who come on the show to teach us about different self healing tools & modalities to help us navigate this journey and not feel so alone. 

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