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Healing Programs that I Recommend

CFS School: Although this might be called CFS school, it is not only for people who suffer from CFS. IF you have suffered from any chronic conditions, including chronic pain or illnesses, then this is for you. This is one of the most comprehensive programs out there that is combining a top down approach with brain retraining as well as bottom up approach focusing on teaching poly vagal theory and somatic and includes the use of a self directed trauma resolution model. It truly is all inclusive. Karden & Jen, the founders, are aware that healing is not one size fits all and this program  is designed in a way that you still get to make this practice your very own unique practice. They have a self study option for people who prefer to go through the process in their own pace on their own or who are on a strict budget. They also have their comprehensive option where they guide you through it all, teaching you there and supporting you every step of the way. Check out EP 119 to hear Karden & Jen's stories & learn more about CFS School. 
Dynamic Neural Retraining System: Perhaps the most widely known brain retraining system available. This is a wonderful starting point for self healing for sure... I find that the pillars of DNRS teach us so many wonderful habits, like choosing our mood, focusing on the good, not dwelling on or focusing on symptoms, breaking the habit of symptom talk, and more. We learn how to do graded exposure in a way that pairs up the exposure with a positive mood and experience in order to connect our positive pathways to things our brain once perceived as a threat. For some people they experience full healing through brain retraining alone. Other people find that it helps them peel back the first few layers of healing & then they need to add in next steps into the mix. This is well known for Pots, Lyme, MCS, MCAS, food sensitivities and more. 
Regulate: This is one of the most comprehensive "brain retraining" program available these days. This program is not only top down focus but teaches a bottom up approach as well. Learn a variety of tools and take control of regulating your nervous system today. This program will also get you more familiar with primal trust and it is a required course before the Primal Trust program.  Rather than one up front fee, you  join the Primal Trust monthly membership and work through each program at your own pace. Check out EP 106 with Dr Cat to learn more about Regulate. 
Primal Trust:  Have you already moved through a brain retraining program, but find yourself wanting to go deeper? IF so, Primal Trust might be for you! ​Primal Trust™ Mentorship is here to teach you to deeply embody an innate sense of safety and True-Self knowing.  Primal Trust allows you to move past your resistance, your inner protective responses and live a life you love. You can learn more about Primal Trust in EP 70 with Dr Cat. 
GUPTA PROGRAM: This is a brain retraining program. I really appreciate I really appreciate the flexility of this program, as well as Ashok's motto: Do your best, forget the rest.  I find personally, as a recovering perfectionist, that it is not always optimal to invest your energy in a strict program that might bring out or exasperate the perfectionistic tendencies. If you are someone who finds that you are more often than not hard on yourself, sets high standards, or very rigid, I feel this could be the better option for you. Healing is a journey, and there is not a race to the finish line. Gupta has a very compassionate approach, helping us to really hold space in loving kindness for ourselves along the way. It includes weekly webinars for 12 weeks to help you to feel ongoing support, and best of all they have a one year money back guarantee if you haven't been satisfied with the results. Wild right? Learn more about the Gupta program from Ashok himself, in EP 47. 
Block Therapy: Let me just tell you how much I LOVE my block. I have always been a fan of addressing our fascia and connecting more deeply to body & breath, and block therapy is just the program for exactly that. As described on the website, Block Therapy is a self-care version of Fluid Isometrics. The individual lies on a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy for a minimum of three minutes in various positions throughout the body. Bamboo is used as the therapeutic tool because, unlike artificial materials like foam or plastic, it shares similar density to bone. With gravity and body weight, the Block Buddy is able to sink deeply into the tissue all the way to the root of your issues. The pressure brings increased blood and oxygen into the area warming the connective tissue and “melting” the powerful seal between the layers of unhealthy restrictions. The student is taught to use diaphragmatic breathing to increase oxygen absorption up to 6 times the amount, compared to breathing through the muscles of the upper chest. The combination of increased oxygen, the freeing of adhesions, proper posture and alignment form the basis of the Block Therapy/Fluid Isometrics system. IF you click the link to the left you will be eligible for a FREE gift. It is a sample program so you can get a taste for what block therapy can do for you. From there you might decide to try the starter program & scope out the membership options. The best part is when you are following along with the videos in block therapy, Deanna does an amazing job of really creating a sense of calm & safety. It is simply fabulous. You can hear Deanna's healing story in EP 99. 
HeartMath Institute: This organization is all about teaching heart and brain coherence. IF you watch any of Dr. Joe's show, Rewired, you can learn a great deal about the value and importance of getting our heart into coherence, which helps to regulate our autonomic nervous system, which then helps to control our body's whole physiological response to life.  Click the link on the right to check out their really awesome Inner Balance tool that helps you measure your coherence so you can start to associate what high coherence feels like in your body!!! I LOVE mine! It has taught me so much & elevated my meditation game tenfold. ​
Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath
Click above to purchase your Inner Balance through HearthMath Institute today and learn what coherence feels like! ​
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