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My favorite podcast right now!

I am learning so much from this podcast! I am a brain retrainer who’s trying to get back into training again and these episodes have been so helpful. I’ve added almost every single person interviewed to my Instagram page. Thank you for this!! Update: I am now doing Sara Jackson’s somatic practices daily and dives right In because of this podcast and I’m loving it!

So Good!

Inspiring and informative. This podcast not only provides hope for the chronic illness community, it also offers so many helpful insights into the healing process.

Simply amazing

This podcast brings so much tangible hope to people experiencing chronic illness. I was one of them, getting long covid in 2021, and it was recovery stories like this that flipped the script for me. They allowed me to slowly believe that healing is possible, and mind-body modalities were the road to recovery. Now I’m happy to say I’m well again! Thank you Chaz for spreading this message!!!

Thoughtful and interesting

Highlighting a variety of people and modalities. I’m exposed to something new or a new aspect of something I already know about. Chazmith is a thoughtful, curious interviewer. Highly recommend!

Passionate and Thoughtful Interviewer

Disclaimer: I was a guest interviewed on Chazmith’s show. That being said, a lot of interviewers don’t do their homework and ask generic questions. Chazmith’s is always well prepared and ask questions that evoke thoughtful insight from her guests and valuable learning and wisdom for her listeners. Highly recommend!

My favorite podcast right now!

I am learning so much from this podcast! I am a brain retrainer who’s trying to get back into training again and these episodes have been so helpful. I’ve added almost every single person interviewed to my Instagram page. Thank you for this!!


Guests are great and the questions are thoughtful. Every time I feel sort of down I put an episode on and it makes me cry but also is a great release. Makes me feel less alone. If you’re struggling with CFS or any other chronic symptoms this podcast is for you! Thank you!!

Best in Class

This podcast has some of the most amazing stories and people on. Their stories are of the highest value for anyone dealing with mystery/ chronic conditions. I higher recommend this podcasts and often send episode links to friends, family, and clients.

Life changing stuff!

Absolutely love this podcast! Do yourself a favor and listen!

An amazing resource!

On my journey recovering from chronic illness, Our Power is Within has absolutely been one of my favorite go-tos for words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration & clarity. This journey is challenging - a hero’s journey - and to have a podcast station to turn to, to be able to listen to so many interviews with so many people who have healed, it’s priceless, really. Thank you so much for what you do, Chazmith! 🫶🏼

my favorite podcast !!

If you suffer from chronic pain or illness I highly recommend this podcast. It has shown me so many wonderful tools to support my healing journey. I love the questions Chazmith always thinks to ask.

Path to healing!

If you have ever experienced chronic pain or illness, this is a wonderful podcast for you. Chazmith does a great job exploring all the various facets of chronic conditions and ways for us to take our power back and support our own healing journey!


In the depths of neuroplastic pain recovery, hope is sometimes all we have and this podcast brings an ocean of it. Thank you!

So much inspiration

I love how each episode brings so much inspiration to keep going and believing that the body can heal. Chazmith brings a sense of warmth and encouragement that is truly welcoming. I highly recommend this podcast!

So Much Inspiration

I am so grateful for your podcast, Chazmith. As a long-time brain retainer, it’s comforting to be able to listen to one of your interviews and find new and helpful perspectives. It’s been a life-saver along the way. Thank you for sharing your passion for healing conversations!

Best podcast on TMS

I love Chazmith’s interview style - she is the BEST listener and, because of that, asks great questions. Each episode offers something different and unique and you’ll be sure to find a message to take away from each one.

The best Podcast

I love Chazmith, and the way she articulates her podcast, best podcast out there, thanks Chazmith for all you do!!!!

Wonderful podcast

This is a great podcast to listen to for tips and inspiration using brain rewiring and other modalities on a health and transformation journey. I have listened to one so far and so looking forward to tuning into past episodes.

My favorite podcast EVER

This podcast is truly a gift to the world. What Chaz brings to the community of mind body healing is incredible. I love learning from the incredible guests on the show and the insight gained is invaluable. I felt guided to this podcast on my own healing journey and i’m so grateful for the work the Chaz does.

Life changing

Every time I come here, I learn something invaluable to help me along my healing journey. There’s no podcast to match it. Chaz is making a difference in the world. Game changing for me. Thank you. So grateful.

The Hero’s Journey

Chaz’s podcast is a beacon for all the lost sailors out there struggling to find their back home. ‘Our Power is Within’ points us back home. Chaz’s brilliant podcast is her lover letter to the “hero’s journey.” One of the best mental health podcasts out there. Bravo Chaz. Bravo!

Natural born podcaster 😉

Our power is within is Chaz’s unique expression of bringing great people together to share wonderful stories of healing. I enjoy that Chaz has a diverse crowd of people catering to so many with different belief structures. She explores endless routes of people all over the world doing unthinkable things to the average joe (all legal, of course haha)... Based on healing and deep transformation. Chaz has a uplifting personality. She is kind and warm. Her questions are thoughtful and relevant. Most importantly, she has a heart of gold. I love the work that she is doing. It it absolutely one of her god given gifts.

Best Host Ever

Chaz is such a great host. She asks such thought provoking questions of her guests. I love her energy, her authenticity and her outlook on life! I wait expectantly for each new episode!


Love the podcast! Find it inspirational and practical at the same time. Absolutely love the way Chaz engages and brings out the true authentic story of her guests! Keep doing it Chaz! Your mission to help people heal is needed!

Brilliant podcast

Absolutely love Chazmith and her authenticity. She continues to unlayer her own story, while bringing the best out of her guests. The name of the podcast says it all if you're open to accepting it... Our power is most definitely withIN!

Loved the episode with Eri

I loved hearing her experience of combining DNRS and IFS. So helpful and inspiring.

Way to go

This podcast is a hope and a wonderful light to us newbies!

Love this podcast!!

I am so grateful to Chaz for starting this podcast. I found it because I was looking for some supporting information as I was following the DNRS program. Chaz has interviewed many MINDBODY coaches who have used TMS to heal chronic pain. I’m so grateful I have learned about TMS! I have HOPE!!! Chaz is kind, funny, and very genuine!

Our Power Is Witin

I really enjoy this podcast. Chazmith does a great job at interviewing people and she has a large diversification of people who is on the show. There is always a take away. I have learned a lot from these podcast

I Love This Podcast! So Motivating!

I love this podcast! For anyone who is interested in neuroplasticity, healing from chronic illnesses, or just building higher self esteem, this podcast is for you! Chazmith, the host, is so encouraging and all about baby steps/having people incorporate little new habits into their routines. I like to knit or embroider while listening. Thanks, Chazmith!