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Our Power Is Within: You Heal You

Our Power Is Within: You Heal You

Hear inspiring testimonials by everyday people who have healed their bodies and minds of chronic pain, illness and dis-ease.
Learn about different supportive modalities for self healing like brain retraining, nervous system regulation, somatic experiencing/tracking, polyvagal theory, journalling, exposure therapy and more. Explore the mind-body connection, root cause of symptoms (mind- body -emotional), and neuroplastic pain. If you have experienced any type of chronic pain, chronic illness or mental challenge like anxiety/depression this podcast is for you, so you can take your power back!
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Recent Episodes

129: 3 Inspiring Women Share Their Experiences of Turning Their Healing into Flourishing Businesses in the Healing Community

March 28, 2023

"If I want something, it's totally possible, I can get it, I can do it, I can live it, I can be it. As long as I just keep rehearsing the feeling of having it, then I know that it's accessible." Jen Mann We have 3 beautiful …

Mini Challenge Series Month 2 Week 4

March 27, 2023

Welcome to my mini challenge series month 2 week 4, where we will upgrade our lives together, and win prizes doing it. This month's theme is Awareness/Mindfulness/Presence. This week's focus is 5 minute meditation. Tune in …

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