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Social Consciousness is so important to me. I don't choose products that are healthy for just me, I also consider what is healthy for our planet. I am always on a quest to find companies that are conscious minded, socially responsible, & committed to making a true difference. 

The follow are some of the companies and products that I support and highly recommend. IF you have discovered any wonderful products and organizations that consider the well being of all species and our Earth please reach out and share them with me - I would love to learn more!
Supernatural Cleaning Products: What I love about them? They provide these beautiful frosted glass reusable bottles. The cleaning product is pure essential oil concentrates that you get delivered in these tiny little glass recyclable jars that you simply mix w/ purified water. It has blends for all household cleaning needs. These products smell so delicious I actually look forward to cleaning! Not to mention all the ingredients are ethically sourced. Oh, and an added bonus - they plant two new trees for EVERY order we place. Who could have thought cleaning could be so fun! They also have subscription services to meet your needs. Click the link above to save $25.00 today!!!
Hello Tushy: Trust me when I say their bidet is AWESOME! Yes it is made of plastic, but think of the amount of toilet paper you can save over the years when you skip it? Not to mention, it is quite amazing to actually clean yourself with water rather then wiping w/ dry toilet paper... just saying. Not only are you saving toilet paper, but you save water too, because things we don't often think about is how much water is used to make toilet paper. This company is also extremely socially conscious, donating profits toward helping build community toilets in under developed countries and supporting sanitation. So.. try a tushy today! :)
Earth Runners: Barefoot Sandals! Their mission "To help recover our connection with nature and reestablish healthy physical and biological functions." Not only are they helping us to reconnect to nature, but they care about the Earth when choosing the materials that support the sandal. In addition, they give 1% of all sales to True Messages, a non-profit focused on honoring the running heritage that remains so important to the Rarámuri culture. You can learn so much more on their website. These come highly recommended... from Spring through Fall these are the only foot covering my feet really experience. You can walk, run, play & explore in these sandals.
Defender Shield: This recommendation isn't so much about what it does for our Earth specifically -but more what it does for YOU! This company is the leading company in providing products that help to reduce and block EMFs from our electronic devices. I have their Laptop case that also functions as a pad for the laptop to rest on top of when it is on my lap so I can rest assured knowing that I do not have EMFs or radiation radiating into my body. It gives me such a piece of mind, knowing that I am helping make a difference in my exposure where I can so that I can not worry at other points in life where I can't control the outcome. It is all about balance. I highly recommend checking out there amazing options!
KANGEN water system: I love my water system. I know that when choosing water there are endless options out there but I am so happy with my decision to have clean, filtered, and mineralized water at my disposal. Through my whole healing journey the theme I keep going back to is flow. Now I get to treat my beautiful body to pure and healing internal flow. 
IF you have an interest in learning more about how investing in a Kangen Water machine can benefit you too, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to help. 

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