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Rebecca Tolin

Mind-Body Teacher & Coach

Rebecca Tolin is a mind-body teacher and coach who recovered from 13 years of chronic fatigue syndrome. She helps others heal from ME/CFS, Long Covid, chronic pain and other conditions in her Be Your Own Medicine course. Rebecca emphasizes the role that stress, emotions and trauma have on the brain and nervous system. Her work gets to the root of symptoms through neuroscience, nervous system regulation, somatic meditations, emotional awareness, self-compassion and brain retraining. Rebecca loves helping people find personal agency and recover their spirit!

March 14, 2023

127: Life After ME/CFS - A Testimonial Follow Up with Rebecca Tolin

Rebecca Tolin is back for round two. She was a guest very early on in season one episode 16 to share her testimonial of how she overcame ME/CFS that she believes was a result of severe trauma. Since this first …

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