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Great info!

I love this podcast and all the empowering messages. I believe that our power is absolutely within and I love all the different perspectives on this topic!

Changing my life!

I discovered this mind body work 6 months ago. There are so many aspects to it. At first I felt overwhelmed, but the many modalities that Chaz presents in these episodes have opened my mind and heart to real healing. The guests are just amazing and I take something powerful from each conversation. Chaz has a beautiful understanding of this work and she’s offering an amazing gift to us in these episodes- hope and healing. I am healing!!!!

Empowering and inspiring!

I love Chazmith’s podcast! The name, the host, the emphasis on self-healing and personal empowerment—it’s truly illuminating. I had the joy of being on episode 16 called “Be Your Own Medicine.” I found Chazmith to be gracious, personable, wise, playful and authentic. She’s sees the best in her guests and life in general. Her passion for brain retraining, mind-body healing and self-empowerment is contagious. I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve heard and always learn something new!


Loving this podcast! So many unique perspectives I’m hearing for the first time.

The victory is the decision!

Each episode is so encouraging! Its a great reminder, that the battle for a healthy body, mind, and spirit has been fought and won time and time again. Once the decision is made toward health, there are so many resources and support. Thank you Chaz for being one of those resources and giving practical ways to start saying, Yes! .. to the blessing of health.

Such a positive voice!

What a refreshing word about the power that is within us to make changes. So excited about this podcast!!!!

An empowering podcast for pain sufferers.

Chaz offers an empowering podcast filled with positive stories and great information for those who deal with chronic pain.

Top notch information from a top notch person

I love this. So glad you are sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with the world.


So excited for you to be able to share your personal journey with growth & healing! Proud of you ✨

I Believe in you!

Wow I’m so excited for this podcast. Chazmith has been studying this stuff for almost a decade and I’ve seen her transform her own life through application.


I love how she speaks to what others avoid. I love brave conversations. I am looking forward to more!


This is such an exciting, empowering, important topic that I can’t wait to hear more about! Chazmith has been learning and growing and changing for so many years. She is such a science-researching type that I can count on her for solid, in depth information on these topics. This is something that we need more of in the world!!! Sharing and spreading this empowerment, so subscribe and share!


This is sooo needed right now! I can’t wait to learn more from Chaz about how I can heal from within and get started on a healthier more blessed life.

Not your everyday look on pain and suffering.

Insightful, concise and energizing!

Can’t Wait

Great Intro! Can’t wait to listen to the first Episode.


Chazmith is such a beautiful soul with so much wisdom to offer! I love that this is all about finding and trusting our inner power!


This is an amazing cast brought forward by a wonderful individual. I highly encourage you to check this out and hit that subscribe button!!


I’m lucky to know Chaz personally and she is incredibly knowledgeable about self healing and coaching others. She has a desire to inspire and guide! Her podcast is positive, uplifting and so informative!


I cannot wait for additional podcasts. What a motivational and intriguing topic.