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Feb. 21, 2023

124: Unlock Your Power & Self-Healing w/ Human Design, Quantum Human Design & Gene Keys" with Analena Fuchs

124: Unlock Your Power & Self-Healing w/ Human Design, Quantum Human Design & Gene Keys

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"It's time to give yourself permission to be yourself and stop comparing yourself with others, and stop following what all these other people are saying. That's exactly what the world needs - not some kind of copy or somebody else - but you."

Analena is a Human Design Mentor for Conscious Introvert Leaders who are ready to experience more Ease, Flow and Prosperity in their Lives.

On the frustrating path of following others' "success" formula one day Human Design found her and changed everything for her - in her personal life and business.The awareness that Human Design brought to her is simply mind-blowing, so it has become her mission to share this wisdom far and wide.

She is the co-founder of the Aligned Living Academy, where Conscious Leaders can get certified as Human Design Coaches and she is also the host of the Art of Slowing Down Podcast which is gaining popularity in the Spiritual and Entrepreneurial Circles.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Unlocking the power of Human Design to trust oneself and be authentic.

2. Combining traditional and quantum Human Design language for a unique approach to understanding and interpreting the Human Design chart.

3. Exploring the power of money as an enabler of conscious leadership.

Analena is offering a special discount on her human design readings valid through 2/28/23: Schedule HERE 

You can also follow her on IG @analena.fuchs, visit her website to learn more about her additional offerings, or check out her podcast, The Art of Slowing Down.

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Hi. Welcome to our power is within podcast. I'm your host Chazmith, and my mission for this podcast is to inspire you to take your power back and realize that you are the healer that you've been looking for all along. We are all capable of healing in mind, in body and soul. Today's episode is sponsored by primal Trust Academy and Community. Created by Dr. Cathleen King. She is a dear friend of mine and she's been featured on this podcast three times now because every conversation provides so much value. primal Trust is one of the most rapidly growing self healing based platforms to help those with chronic illness and trauma. primal Trust has a new level one program that just launched in the fall called Regulate. Targeted for those both new to self healing of chronic illness and trauma, as well as for health professionals, it is a complete package of both brain retraining and body based somatic practices. There's also a level two mentorship that starts April 4, and the prerequisite for level two is that you must have completed level one first. So the time to join Regulate is now. If you want to be ready before April 4, check out the link in the show notes for more details. Today we have another fun episode with our guest Analena, and I get to have this deep dive into some more concepts of human design, including quantum human design and gene keys. Analena shares with us how human design can support so many facets of our life, including growth, true self development, parenting, our relationship to money, and how we approach building our business. We also learned the difference between human design and what is referred to as the quantum human design, as well as how the gene keys fits into it all. So if you're into human design, and especially if you're a generator or a manifesting generator, you might want to take some notes because this one is insightful. Enjoy. All right, Analena, thank you so much for being here with me today and everybody who will be tuned in listening.


Speaker B 00:02:37

It's my pleasure to be here.


Speaker A 00:02:39

I wanted to start out by opening the floor for you to share a little bit about your own journey. I know the topic today is going to be around human design and what is quantum human design and how is that different and gene keys. But perhaps we could just start with you sharing a little bit about your own personal experience utilizing this wisdom that we gain through the concepts of human design, quantum human design and gene keys for you personally.


Speaker B 00:03:20

Yeah, thank you so much for asking that, because it was really a game changer for me. That's why I am so passionate about it and talking about it and sharing so much. I used to compare myself a lot with other people, especially growing up. I was mostly looking outside of myself for answers and all these things and how I could fit in. And then eventually I went to college, I studied, and I got a job and these things. And I always felt this was not really for me, but I couldn't pinpoint. I was more questioning myself, like, what's wrong with me? Or why am I not cut for this? But I was like, dissatisfied, frustrated, and kind of blah. And this is it. Like, this is the work life. And, you know, you hear those things like, yeah, just follow your passion, follow your heart. And but anyways, how do we do that, right? And then I started to become a coach eventually. First, it was like through health coaching, because I had this passion that I realized to help other people. It was more like through nutrition and some mindset work, for sure. But eventually on my own journey, I started to do a lot of, like, the inner work, working with emotions and deconditioning, and that kind of opened up a lot more to trust myself. And then eventually, one day, one of my friends and coaching colleagues, she was like, hey, I found this thing here. You're going to check this out. And it was human design, right? And I was like, oh, wow. And first, of course, I was like, well, it's another one of these personality tests. And I took a bunch over the years and they were always like, well, it's nice to know, but it's not really that helpful. And I found it always very annoying that you have to answer all these questions. And I was like, well, if I'm going to fill this out tomorrow, I'm going to answer it totally different. So this is kind of I don't know, it didn't mean too much to me, to be honest. But then with human design, I wasn't asked to just put in my date of birth, which was I found that very simple. And the time that I was born, just like in astrology. And then I got this body grab and all these numbers and colors, and I had no idea what this means, of course, but the more I dove into that, I always describe it like I could finally relax into my body. And they were over and over again, these new light bulb moments where it was like, oh, yeah, I already knew this about myself, and now I can finally give myself permission to be myself and stop comparing myself with others and stop following what all these other people are saying. And especially being a coach, it was such a godsend for me because I used to fall I'm going to say it like that and I'm going to kind of used to fall for all these programs and coaching things, containers where I always thought they have the answer for me because they have figured out how it works. They have that three or five step process that is guaranteed to work, right? And I just spent a lot of money on those things to the point where I was like, well, I cannot continue doing that because there was a return on investment, but not to the extent that I was like, okay, I can finally breathe, and it's really profitable. Right. Because I felt more and more disconnected by myself going through these things oftentimes, because what the coach or the program was teaching was so not me that I actually felt more disempowered than before I started the whole journey with a coach of the program. And that's why when human design came as like, oh, my gosh, this is just freedom, I could finally relax into who I am. And it was the permission ticket to be myself. And, yeah, just the most expensive feeling that I can describe. I probably cannot even put it into words, but it was just like, yeah, you're different. You're not like anybody else, and you got to embrace who you are and you got to be proud of what you're feeling and thinking and being because that's who you are. That's exactly what the world needs and not some kind of copy or somebody else. Right. Yeah, that's kind of my initial journey with human design, and then it kind of like my search for the answers kind of stopped when human design met or found me. I would say, like, it found me because I could finally really go more inwards and finally understand what it really means to trust myself.


Speaker A 00:08:04

Right, and I bet that the more you discovered about human design, it probably really clicked and made sense why so many of those programs didn't really work for you, because those coaches were probably creating a program that works for them, assuming it would work for everybody, but it was working for them in their unique design. So what works for a generator might not work for the projector or what works for somebody who's splenic authority, it might not work for somebody who's an emotional authority. So if you have one strategy and authority in your chart, and you're following a program where if you're like a projector and it's a program that a manifesto is teaching, and they're trying to get you to act like a manifesto and just go do it. It's like it's going to feel really inauthentic and you're going to feel like you're being asked to do things that feel really out of alignment with what's true for you. And a lot of us, though, when we look to those people as the quote unquote experts who have the answers and we see that they were successful, but then it doesn't feel right for us. We think something's wrong with us or we're not doing it good enough, or we're wrong.


Speaker B 00:09:17

Yeah, exactly.


Speaker A 00:09:20

You discovered first, like traditional human design. And it sounds like it really helped you to not only come into self and start to create self acceptance and trust yourself, but it also sounds like it really helped you from a business perspective also because you used to do more health coaching, nutrition coaching, and now you actually teach human design. Yeah.


Speaker B 00:09:44

So at the time when human design, I wasn't doing health coaching anymore, but I was more like a business coach and helping them release some of the emotional blocks and release their stories and are no longer serving them. So it's already on, like, a different path. But then when human Design came my way, it was so mind blowing, literally, because for me, it was also like, okay, and I'm a manifesting generator, okay? I don't have to pick just one thing because I always knew that I get so freaking bored if I force myself into one thing. Right. So then it came so easy to me, and I don't know, I have met other people that shared the same but when human design came my way, because, you know, there's this whole thing about it. Well, you have to go through your design for seven years before you can even share about it and talk about it. And I was like, Why? I mean, if we want to change the world, if we want to get this especially to the children where it's meant to be. And as a manifesting generator, I'm moving fast. I'm here to spend time, find shortcuts. I don't have time to wait seven years. Sorry, guys. Right? And I have always loved to teach. Growing up, when I was actually in high school, I used to tutor kids in math, and I got them from an F to an A and like, no time. So I've always had a gift to teach and make very complicated things very easy and practical. So somehow with human Design, when it came my way, it was just like I remembered it, if that makes any sense. I was like, okay, because everything felt so true and it made so much sense. I, very early on, actually started to share it with my clients. I integrated in my coaching, and I started to yeah, just share on my Instagram because I loved it so much. And actually, I learned myself through sharing and teaching. And then I learned about my human design. I'm a teacher by design, and I already knew that, but I wasn't giving myself permission for that. Right. So, yeah, and then it was just a client never looked back because it was so incredibly powerful and such a win win for myself, for being me, being a coach and my clients and everybody, because there's nothing worse. Right? And especially, I feel like, very passionate about kind of revolutionizing the coaching industry because there's still so much of what we talked about going on where people follow these, like, cookie cutter processes. Yeah, that may work for one specific person, but yeah, we're all different. It's not the same. And the best coach to me as somebody or you don't even have to call a coach or guide or mentor is that you empower a person to trust themselves and help them find their own answers. I'm not here to tell you what you should do. That's not my job as a coach at all. Right. And I have to be honest and relief, because as a coach, you can put a lot of pressure on yourself. Wow, I have to have all these fancy things and these processes and show them the way. But no, you have to show them their own way. I mean, help them find their own way.


Speaker A 00:12:59

Right. Yeah. That makes so much sense. So you started teaching human design early on. I know now, from following you and your work, you also integrate quantum human design and gene keys. So you kind of go over elements of the human design charts from some subtly different perspectives. At what point did you discover these other nuances and begin to implement that wisdom?


Speaker B 00:13:30

Yeah, first it was the traditional human design, and then eventually I decided I wanted to get certified because I just felt that that's the right next step, because I'm a two line, I'm a two four. So I love to study and learn those things. And I was drawn my cycle was drawn to Karen Parker because I just thought it was something about her. Right. I cannot explain what it was, but I felt drawn to her. And I looked at a lot of different teachers out there, and that felt the most expansive for me at the time. And then she was just starting to talk about quantum human design. I was like, It sounds cool. Right? And then I did her whole all the certification programs that she has, I went through them, and I loved her. So the traditional human design language, and it was actually meant to it's here to wake people up. Right. I mean, Ra has the gate 51 in his conscious son. He totally lived his purpose by shocking people a little bit. And sometimes the language was a little bit provocative. Right. And I saw this many times people were a little bit like, oh, no, I have the gate of struggle. I'm screwed. So it's like, no, that's not what it means. But I just saw that a lot happening with people. And some of the way Karen puts the quantum human design language was very positive, right. Because the quantum language more focuses on the higher expression of the energies. So I went all into that, and I kind of use some of those elements. And now, over the years, I have found my own unique way. Right. I'm not only using quantum human design, I'm not only using traditional. I share what I feel intuitively called to share and what is good to you, to myself, and to share with my audience. So for me, it's actually the combination of both where because with quantum human design, I love it. Absolutely. And she has different names for the types, right. The manifesting generator is called the time vendor. The generator is called alchemist, because many times I have to say when people like, I'm a generator, that doesn't sound sexy, right. And I've seen it on people's faces, but for me, that was really never the case. But I saw like, okay, if I'm will, you an alchemist. People are like, oh, yeah, this is good. Right. But what I have also then realized, as I have been doing so many readings and working with people, is that with the quantum language, oftentimes it kind of avoids that we look at the shadows, right. Because every energy in the chart has some shadows. Right. And it's only so now I'm going to weave in the gene keys a little bit. The biggest teaching of the gene keys, which is in the art of contemplation, is that through fully allowing and accepting the shadow that each of these energies has right. The 64 gates or the 64 gene keys, that's only how we can access the gift frequency. Right. And because I had done so much of the deconditioning work before even human design found me, I really saw so much oftentimes people in the human design space get so caught up in the information or more in the positive stuff that they were kind of bypassing the shadows. Right. But we can't. So that's why for me, I actually find the traditional human design language also very grounding because sometimes we need a little, like, wake up call to wake up, or we need a little shock in our life to awaken. So I love it all, and I feel like they all have its place and they all belong together and nothing is right or wrong. They all have its purpose. And we're really here as a society to evolve, right. And to keep developing the wisdom of human design. And I'm going to do that now in Analena’s own unique way. Right?


Speaker A 00:17:35

Yeah, it makes sense. Yeah. You have a really wonderful and simplistic way of really expressing and sharing information in our charts. I really enjoy it. I really enjoy how you present the information and how you explain things like in our highest expression or our low expression. And I just find it very simplistic and really easy for somebody who's just learning about this stuff to understand.


Speaker B 00:18:06

Yeah, that's one of the things that I noticed. I have gotten so much beautiful feedback from people, and I have to say, I had so many people that have known about human design way longer than I did. Right. They had a reading 15 years ago when I had no clue about human design. And they told me, like, this is the first time that this actually means something through the way that you convey it. And that's how I know this is my purpose. I'm meant to be sharing this with the world. And I'm a two four. I'm here. The easy breazy genius kind of thing. Right. Which I think comes from I think Jenna Zoe brought that into the world, if I'm not mistaken, that I give myself permission to do something that comes easy to me that is so huge for me because, you know we always think, well, it has to be complicated, and I have to work hard, but I really make the most impact when I let it be easy. And, yeah, people are just very grateful. And many times I was like, this is the first time, actually, that I feel the description of this gate empowering. I could never get it or connect with it. Right. Thank you for you as well, sharing that.


Speaker A 00:19:16

Yeah, absolutely. And I think, like you said, there's the yin and the yang, and I think it makes sense how you kind of integrate it all. And do I like how you can say, hey, this is what could show up in your experience in the low expression, but also this is what's possible in your highest expression? I just feel like it's conveyed in a way that feels really empowering. Because I know how you said how sometimes when you mentioned the Gate 28, which I have, and I know when I first learned about that, I felt the same way. Like, oh, life is just going to be a struggle. You know, that felt disempowering at first, but now I'm really all about, like, how can I utilize tools or wisdom or knowledge to actually be empowering. And so, yeah, it's really neat to just kind of look at it from a different angle, for sure. And it all does complement each other, because, like you said, it's for. As important as it is to look at it from the highest expression, we also need to be aware of what we're up against and what could be presenting itself in a low expression. And then to know, hey, that's actually not really your truth of who you are, but it's there. And you're dealing with it just for funsies. Because you already mentioned that manifesting generator in quantum design was called a time bender, and a generator is the alchemist. What is the manifesto and the reflector?


Speaker B 00:20:40

The manifesto is called the initiator, and the reflector is called the calibrator, and the projector is called the orchestrator.


Speaker A 00:20:51

Calibrator and orchestrator. Yeah, those are fun. I like that.


Speaker B 00:20:57

Yeah, exactly. It's fun.


Speaker A 00:20:59

I do feel like people could relate to those more. Right. For me, I feel more connected to what you said about your own experience. When I learned I was a generator, I was like, oh, okay, I didn't really think twice. But when you really think about it, you're like, okay, I can see how some people might be like, generator. What's that even mean?


Speaker B 00:21:18



Speaker A 00:21:20

Are there any other ways through the years because you did some really in depth training yourself to really then integrate it into your teaching as you have continued to learn and teach and learn through your teaching. What other ways have you witnessed positive shifts in your life through this experience?


Speaker B 00:21:43

Oh, my gosh, I don't know where to start. Yes. First, I talked about my business and I think I haven't really shared that much. But since human Design has come into my business, I feel like I no longer make these misaligned investment decisions because I really give myself the permission to photograph strategy authority, which as a manager, right? So we have the sequel, the Responding, but then we actually have to weigh because we may change our mind. So that's why for big investments, we really kind of kind of need a triathlete, so to say, or at least a week to still insert properly, which I think most people actually miss. And they make these hyped up decisions and allowing myself to live out this multi passionism. Right? So I have a lot of individual leadership energy in my chart, and I also have this teaching energy and I also have a lot of collaboration and teamwork in my chart. And I was like, wow, how do I integrate all of these? So what now has evolved through that is that I have now a collaboration going on with my business partner, miranda Mitchell. So we have the Alliance Living Academy where we actually offer lots of human Design service. We actually have a certification there. We have a lot of other programs for different types. And we have master minds going on a lot. So that is so much fun. You have the collaboration and we are both managers. We give each other something to respond to all the time. It's just so much fun. But then I also have my own stuff. I have my own podcast. It's called the art of slowing down, which I absolutely love. I have my own clients, I do readings. I have also energy healings that I facilitate and stuff like that. So I have really allowed myself to immerse in both of these so that I can do both. And I have this multi passionism within that context so that has evolved from it for me in my business and really that I have stopped listening to the mainstream, right? Which is always like, you have to do it this way. I found a solution and, you know, just give me $20,000 and I fix it all for you. And it's it's not doesn't doesn't work. Right. It has also helped me so much with money. Extremely helped me because I always love money since I was a kid. But I thought there was something wrong. I shouldn't like money so much. And I learned that the money channel isn't my freaking moon gates, which is what drives me. So, hello, I also have a 214 channel. So I'm actually also here to teach and talk about money. And I never like, I always thought, like, who am I to talk about money? I have to be a millionaire first, right? So that was kind of my conditioning or my idea around that. And so I'm really giving myself permission more and more to really step into who I am and also allow myself to love money in the context that I really believe money is needed in the world, in the hands. Of really conscious leaders like us, right, where we actually can create so many beautiful things, right? And allow us to receive that life that our heart truly desires, which is in the line of our sole purpose, but not from a context of scarcity. And like, oh, I'm only successful if I make X amount of money, or I have to show up, or I have to have these materialistic things. That's not what it's about, right? And so, human design has helped me tremendously also with the deconditioning to do that more targeted, because I learned actually that many of the things that I, without human design, would have thought I have to work on. I just learned there's nothing to fix. Because one example is like I haven't totally open solar plexus, right? If I would not have that understanding, I probably would have tried to fix that part of me and that doesn't go anywhere, right? So it's really also helping us so much to not overdo the shadow work where we can kind of because we can get in this like, well, I have to heal and I have to heal and I have to heal before I can do anything. But with human design, it has just become this beautiful journey that you can enjoy. And then my relationships have become so much more amazing. Like my partner, for example, he has emotional authority and I have an open solar plexus. That was just a game changer just to understand that dynamic. Because I used to take that in and I take it personal that I did something and I have so much more compassion for myself and for my partner as well. That in itself is incredible. Also in my business partnership, right, that we can totally give ourselves the freedom to do who we are instead of trying to fit ourselves into something that we are not. Decision making. I always was like, oh my God, I'm the most indecisive person in the world, I don't know what I want. And again, with human design, that has totally shifted for me, right, that I really learned, wow, I can actually trust myself because I had followed my sacred in the past, but I didn't know, right, I couldn't really pinpoint it. And now I have this more tangible thing that I can relate to that's within myself. Also for parenting, my daughter's a manager as well, totally, I think makes my life as a parent so much easier because she has these creative urges, like kind of like a manifesto as well. And I would probably have unconsciously tried to suppress that for her. A little bit, right? Like, well, you need to be more organized or you just need to pick one thing in school. And now I know she needs to try out many different kind of things, right. Which can sometimes be a little bit messy. So for health and well being, it's such a game changer because for myself, for example so even though I'm a manager, right, you probably think I'm an energizer bunny, totally. Constantly on the goal. But I have a defined world center and that means that I actually need consistent rest, actually on a daily basis. So I used to think, wow, what's wrong with me that I want to take a nap in the afternoon? And now I just fully embrace it and I know that I need it. I have a lot of little power and I can just push through things and overdo it. And you burn out with that. Right. And it can really impact heart and stomach health with that. So that's why also looking at your specific human design, beyond just the type is so incredibly valuable.


Speaker A 00:28:17

You have had a lot of improvements and positives.


Speaker B 00:28:21

That's amazing.


Speaker A 00:28:23

Wow. It really transforms your life, no?


Speaker B 00:28:27

Yes. There's a reason why I'm so passionate about human design.


Speaker A 00:28:30

You're literally living proof of the magic that you've witnessed in your own life.


Speaker B 00:28:37

Yeah, I think so. I think it has just really started. But that's the biggest compliment I can also get from people. They always tell me, like, well, you embody what you teach, right? And that is also really important for me. I'm not saying I've got it perfect. And look, there are times to override my sequel because the mind kicks in, right? It's not like I got it 100%, but I'm really always like when things happen in my daily life, I'm like, oh, here's my tendency with this energy, my chart, I'm very aware of what's going on. And that's just such a grace, this whole thing we talk about self love, it's such a big thing and how do we do it? And I really believe, like, human design is that in a way that shortcut tool to really love ourselves more and embrace that.


Speaker A 00:29:31

Yes, absolutely. And just also have more compassion and acceptance for other people's uniqueness and differences. Because the more that we can utilize this tool to learn and understand other people's unique design charts, it's almost like it's easier than to be in that relationship with them and see them differently, you know?


Speaker B 00:29:58

Yeah, absolutely.


Speaker A 00:29:59

Like how you are saying about your daughter, like, you now can embrace and support her in ways that maybe you wouldn't have been able to before. You would have seen these urges she has so differently had you not known and understood where they're coming from.


Speaker B 00:30:17

Yeah, it's a game changer. And I truly believe this belongs in schools, education systems. It's a win win for everybody. Also, if I imagine would be ever. In schools. Right. It would be such an enrichment. Also for the teachers, it would make everybody's life so much easier.


Speaker A 00:30:37

Oh, if all the teachers like, if they knew what their students charts were like yeah, that would be amazing.


Speaker B 00:30:43

My gosh.


Speaker A 00:30:45

I know personally that, wow, when you can surround yourself with other people who also understand not only their design, but your design, I feel like it changes the entire dynamic of relationships because the way that we can now begin to interact and support each other and support each other's design uniqueness. Even just our strategy and authority is so beautiful. I got to experience that at one point in my life, I was at a gym that we displayed everybody's design charts, and it would be so awesome to have the owners say, ask me a question, and then say, I know your emotional authority, so go ahead and sleep on it for a few days and take your time. Rather than, like a traditional person might demand an answer right now.


Speaker B 00:31:37

Yeah, the whole thing with the emotional authority because what changed the whole idea of sales. Right. And especially in coaching with this idea. I mean, I took once the program, which was mega high ticket, and they're literally like, you got to get the credit card on the call and basically pressuring people. And I still cannot believe that I paid money for this. But anyways, we learned our lessons, and I'm actually now grateful because now I can share this and help other people not make those kind of investments. Because that's exactly the thing. If you have somebody, you force them on the spot to make a big decision, like, yeah, it may feel cool in the moment because you made X amount of money, but then it turns into drama and they want to get out of it or the client doesn't get the result and it never really works out. That's why we can just relax and there's no force whatsoever you ever need in sales.


Speaker A 00:32:40

Yeah. Having a business partner, you had said that you guys are both manifesting generators, and so you can give each other continuously, kind of give each other things to respond to. I bet that really is a game changer to have a business partner that also I mean, not even that she's a manifesting generator, but just that she's willing to honor her design in your design, even if she was a projector, but she gave you opportunities to respond to. I feel like it's easier to get into flow, I guess, when you're surrounded by people who do support your design. As a generator, myself, like, the more that people actually give me opportunities to respond to, the easier it is for me to really connect with my sacral and my energy and follow what's true versus somebody who doesn't understand it. And then they give you all these multiple choices and you're like, overwhelmed and get stuck in the indecision.


Speaker B 00:33:38

Yeah, I know. This is honestly one of my biggest recommendations for any generator type. I mean, generators are manifesting generators, which is what, 70% of humanity surround yourself somehow with people because we are here to respond. Of course, I also have my own creative urges as a manager and I like to do things on my own as well. But the amount of beauty and synchronicity that happened out of being around people because we're here to work in relation with others. I mean, Oprah is a perfect example. She's a generator, right? And you and I are being on a podcast. A podcast is perfect for a generator because you can respond, right? You're not just like and even myself, I do some solo episodes as well, but anytime I have a person to talk to and sometimes I don't even know what I said because it just comes through, but it's in response, right? So everything for us is we are here to constantly flirt with life and respond to everything that comes our way and we're here to give each other things to respond to and ask questions and it makes everything so much easier and so much effortless. And of course, I'm also a four line because I'm a two full profile. And it's true, like most of my clients, opportunities, collaborations have come out of the networks that I have become part of over the years. My business partner, I met her when I first years and years ago, went through coaching certification to become a health coach. So I hadn't known her already for four or five years. I didn't know she's going to become a business partner later on. And that happened through responding. There wasn't a plan, there wasn't an agenda for it. It's just miraculous when you allow yourself to be in the right networks. I believe that's true as well, because your sacral will show you where you're meant to be, right? And then you get to meet the people and that's where opportunities come from. It's a beautiful dance.


Speaker A 00:35:47

That's so awesome. So we have been talking a lot about human design specifically, but I was curious because you did mention briefly gene keys early on. And I have had some people briefly discuss and talk about some introductions to human design, but I've yet to have anyone at all touch base on what gene keys are. And so I was wondering if you could give a nice simple explanation for the listeners into what gene keys are and how the gene keys relates to and integrates with human design.


Speaker B 00:36:24

Yeah, it certainly can. We actually just did a masterclass about the connection of human design and gene keys. Richard Rudd is the person that he used to actually know Ra, and he used to study with him. He used to be the human design person in the UK for human design, but eventually he kind of followed. He's a generator. He followed his own path and he had his own, like, divine downloads, just like Ra had kind of like during the supernova in 1987. He had his enlightenment and got this, like, divine information into his consciousness. And that's what the gene keys evolved out of. And basically, the gene key is what's different to human design. So in human design, we have the five types. We have the strategy and authority, how you are supposed to make decisions. So it's a little bit more like a masculine kind of approach, right? But then with the gene keys, so we have also we have 64 gene keys. And in human design, we have 64 gates, right, which originate they are derived from the Chinese side chains. On the Chinese i-ching, we have we call the hexagrams. And we have 64 hexagrams, which is basically a combination of yin and yang energies. And they have six lines each hexagram. And it has two by the power of six different combinations or by the power of five. So it's 64 different combinations of yin and yang energies in each of these 64 hexagrams, right? And in human design, we have these gates. And like we talked about, year 28, that's called the Gate of struggle. In human design, in quantum human design, it's called the gate of adventure and challenge rights a little bit more empowering. And then in the gene keys, we have one gene key for every single one of these 64. I'm going to call them archetypal energies. And in the gene keys, we just go into so much more depth because human design is kind of like, oh, this is your high expression, your lower expression. And that's it kind of right? But in the gene keys, oh, my gosh, it's incredible. And we have actually three levels of consciousness there. We have the Shadow, the Gift, and the city for each of these 64 gene keys. And there's nothing for us really to figure out just by reading it. And Richard has a huge book which is called The Jink Keys. You can get it on Amazon, where he literally, he wrote down his transmissions about each of the gene keys. And each jink in itself is almost like a book, like a mini book. I mean, some some gene keys are actually really like a book. The 55th and the 22nd one, for example, there is so much wisdom, it blows my mind. And it's really those 64 archetype energies, they explain how the universe works. All the wisdom is there. And we have had access to this wisdom for decades and decades. And it's just the way that Richard has brought it forth into the world is so beautiful. And it's a very feminine approach because you don't even have to know necessarily what your human design type is. But through contemplating these gene keys and actually allowing yourself in particular to embrace and accept the gift I'm sorry, the shadow and really learn that the shadow is nothing bad. When you experience the shadow of any of those energies, that's actually your access point to experience more of the gift. But it's through allowing and accepting it. Right. And then over time, you start to trust yourself more and you, without knowing even what your human design is, actually follow your stretching authority because you are so in tune with who you are. And there's epigenetics in it. There are all these amino acids and every gene key is connected to something in our DNA. And it's literally just by reading the gene keys, it gets something activated in your DNA and also in the gene keys, you can go onto the gene keys website and pull your free profile, which you probably are not going to understand much, but there are these we call it the Golden Path. And the Golden Path has three sequences that you can go through. The first one is your activation sequence. And basically the way this works is that over the course of one month, you just contemplate on one of the gene keys, which is correlated to one of the gates in the human design chart. And the activation sequence is basically the equivalent to the incarnation cross in human design, which is your sun and Earth gates and you're conscious and unconscious. And then the second path is what we call the venus sequence, or the second sequence, which is all about the emotional words. Your relationship is really opening up your heart. And then the third sequence is called the Pearl Sequence, which is more about prosperity and being of service. So it's a little bit more related to that business aspect. And it makes so much sense to me because we really need to open up our heart first and have more emotional intelligence and mastery to be also really tapping into our prosperity and business success. Right, right. So, yeah.


Speaker A 00:41:40

Is that that's a really good explanation. I had one question I couldn't quite understand one of the things you said. You said that within the archetype energies there are three levels of conscious. You said shadow gift and what was the third thing you said?


Speaker B 00:41:55

The city.


Speaker A 00:41:56

City. What does that mean?


Speaker B 00:42:00

So basically the shadow is a challenge that we experience.


Speaker A 00:42:06



Speaker B 00:42:07

The gift is really an expression of creativity. And then the city is like the highest level of consciousness that we can get to, which we sometimes tap into, that we're not always there, but that's really where it's like a kind of buddha like kind of energy where you have this peace within yourself. You have this concept of oneness within yourself. It's like the highest it's like oneness in essence.


Speaker A 00:42:34

Okay. And I feel like you also already highlighted that when you look up your gene keys from the 64, whatever you have in your gene key chart is congruent with the gates that you have defined in your human design chart. Correct?


Speaker B 00:42:58

Yeah. So the current sequences that are out there and I believe Richard has some other ones coming out. But the Golden Path, which includes the activation sequence which establish your incarnation cross gates, the conscious unconscious sun and Earth gates in your human design chart. Then the venus sequence is correlated to your okay, it's the last one also of your incarnation cross. And then it's the unconscious moon, I believe. And then the venus and Mars gates in your human design chart, which is all relationship stuff. And then the Pearl is again the last of the core wound which is your unconscious Mars. I hope I get them right, because I'm literally pulling this from my memory right now and I have an undefined Argentina and then it's your unconscious and conscious jupiter which is all about blessings and then back. Your conscious son in human design is also part of your Pearl sequence. But there are more gates in the human design. They are not all in those three sequences. But I do believe Richard is currently working on another sequence of something that is integrating, I think also the saturn gates. But I'm not exactly sure.


Speaker A 00:44:16

Okay, so right now with gene keys, if we were to study our gene key chart, we would be focusing on these three sequences which contain some of our defined gates in the human design chart, but not all encompassing at this time.


Speaker B 00:44:32

That's correct. Okay, yes, that's correct. Kind of the ones that are most like and he does recommend the way that he received this information is like to go through them in that sequence. Right, but it's also like if you intuitively feel called to start with a Pearl sequence, which is supposed to be the third of the three go do it, it's not like you're going to do something wrong, but probably and you can go through the sequence over and over again, right, and you feel pulled back here. And I sometimes I still look at some of my other gene keys that are not in the sequence of it's not like it's going to hurt or anything like that. And this goes also back to human design. Like you were saying, you have that gate 28, right? What we have to understand is that we all have all of the charts, right?


Speaker A 00:45:20

We do.


Speaker B 00:45:20

So just because I don't have gay 28 defined does not mean I ever have struggle in my life. My dad, for example, has 28, is his conscious son and I amplified that as a kid because I have it undefined, so I know it really well. Right, so we all have all of the energies and same with the gene keys. I actually recommend anybody that feels called to check them all out at some point. And again, they contain so much wisdom, it's incredible. And I have to say you have to be ready for it. Because when I first heard about the genesis, which was very early on, when I also learned about human design. And I actually got the book, and I was like, what is this? This is I don't I don't get it was so disconnect for me that I actually returned the book because I was like, I'm not going to have this big book here. I'm not going to touch it. And then I heard Richard talk at a conference and oh, my God, I could not stop listening to him. It was just such a beautiful energy that he conveyed, and I was like, okay. And then my sacral responded so strongly, and then I never looked back to the Jean Keys, and I embarked on that, and I became the gene keys guides. And right now, I'm actually about to start the venus Sequence retreat myself. And there's no right or wrong again. I always say, trust yourself, because some people may only write an Apple human design. Some people want to integrate both, like, for me, because it really brings that balance of the yin and the yang energies. Right. And I have, in my incarnation, cross the one and the two, which is the most feminine and masculine. Right. And maybe that's part of it, I don't know. But other people may only want to do the gene keys. Right. And some people go to the gene keys first, and then they find human design or the other way around, or both together. It's really what rings true for you and what is serving you. Right.


Speaker A 00:47:20

That makes sense. And I know I can say from personal experience that I didn't hear about Jean Keys at first for a while, and then I briefly kind of got a little understanding of it and how it relates to human design. But when I first went to look into it, I was like, human design is already so complex, and I already felt like I had more than enough to chew on and to practice and to really absorb. And so at that time, I was not ready to really delve deep into what the gene keys meant for me specifically. So I totally get what you're saying, that you have to be ready.


Speaker B 00:48:03



Speaker A 00:48:05

Now as far as being ready or if somebody is listening and they are feeling their sacral light up, if they're a manifesting generator, a generator or they're feeling that this was really resonant for them, where can they begin to learn more about the gene keys, particularly relating to themselves, without necessarily having to hire somebody else to help them? Like, where can they feel like they can be empowered to self study this and get a better understanding for their own self?


Speaker B 00:48:38

Yeah. I always recommend the original source. So that's the Jinky.com website where you can pull your free profile. Richard has tons of figures. They also have a YouTube channel. You can listen to him. He has done so many interviews. It's just such a bliss to just listen to him. Particularly the art of contemplation. That's something you may want to Google, because that is really the core essence of the gene keys and on the gene key’s website, because the gene keys about it's your own contemplations. It's not through necessarily having somebody tell you, because what one gene keys may mean for you may be different than for myself. Right. And nobody can tell me, oh, this is what it means for you as a gene key guide, for example, I'm here to guide you into your own self journey of self exploration, right? But I cannot give you all the answers. And then I totally recommend, because it's actually very affordable, the sequences that they have, right? The activation sequence, the venus sequence, and then the Pro sequence. And you can also just get the book and find a friend, and you guys share and you're contemplating, you talk about it, right? It's all about listening and sharing. Not so much like looking for advice in any way or form that makes sense.


Speaker A 00:50:01

Thank you so much for sharing that. And now if somebody else is listening and they're like, oh, but the human design you sold me on it, your life is transformed. Where can I teach myself more about human design? Where does somebody start with that?


Speaker B 00:50:14

Yeah, so there's a lot out there, apparently, and it's trust your instincts there, right? Where do you feel pulled towards? I started to buy a lot of books, so if you go into Amazon, there's lots of books. Karen Parker has a great book. Also the signs of differentiation. So I kind of got them all because I like to take in everybody's perspective. And for me, the right next step was like, I wanted to get certified, so I did that. That felt right. So you also took a program about the manifesting generator, which was very eye opening for myself. And then I continued to self study over the years, and now I teach, and that's also how I continue to learn. Right? Yeah, but there's also options. Reading is a beautiful thing as well for reading, but it's not like you have to have a reading. But if that feels good and right to you to have a reading, and you will then also know who that person will be because there's lots of different people out there that offer readings. I just invite you to let it come to you. Don't force it. You don't have to look for it or make it happen. Right. And I always say, if you have this desire to learn more about human design, set the intention. I want to really learn more about my human design, really embody it universe, show me the way and let it come to you. Right? And maybe you want to get certified, then you do that because you also want to do it with your clients and you want to get some more guidance and want to dive into a little bit faster. So there is no right or wrong way and some people just want to have it for their own personal life, some want to have it for their business. I mean there's a lot on the internet. What I have found is that many people get a little bit into a rabbit hole and they kind of follow everybody and there's sometimes also a little bit of contradicting information out there and of course we all have a different perspective but I have seen many times where people actually feel more limited by their design. I'm like well I'm this type so I can't do X Y and I'm like no. So I feel there is a lot of the way that it's being conveyed is sometimes actually more limiting and that's why you really have to feel into like who do you resonate with and what brings true to you and there's no right or wrong with that, right? So I rather would follow like a couple of people that you really resonate than 1020 different ones because then you're going to be more in your head. One of the biggest things about human design is your mind. Your head is not here to make decisions. That actually happens in your body, in your belly or some area in your heart or it's in your body. Right? So if you feel like human design makes you over analyze things and really gets you stuck in the head, then you may be over consuming information too much but not actually embodying it. And I do have to say I see that a lot. That's why the deconditioning is so important. It's really for me that missing piece for human design.


Speaker A 00:53:28

Yeah, I'm glad you mentioned that. It's true especially a lot of us on the healing quest, people who are really of the mindset, they want to be growth minded and heal. We can get really good at overconsumption of information. And I see that happen a lot, where people learn something, they learn a little bit about human design, and then they just want to learn every single thing. But they're not implementing it or experimenting with it. And it's not just information to learn. It's actually an experience to be had.


Speaker B 00:54:00

Yeah, it's really less is more. And now I'm to a point where I'm really into the depth of my charts and all the gates but you don't want to start with that. It's really learning your type stretch and your authority. That's the really foundation you want to focus on for a while until you really start to lift that and embody that. Because otherwise really human design is just some fancy information for the mind and that gives us a kick in the moment. So it's really less is more. So really you rather go deep than white with that.


Speaker A 00:54:34

I agree with that. I say that often. I'm always telling people, like, hey, listen, I know it's really new and exciting, but I was lucky to have a person early on who she said the exact same thing to me that you just said, which was like, listen, you don't need to learn about every gate and channel in line and all these things right now. Let's just start with experimenting with strategy and authority and getting really good at that and witnessing the magic in your life there. And then you can learn more and try more on.


Speaker B 00:55:08

Yeah, it's literally like a fancy car, right? Like stretching your authority is actually the engine so the car can actually run. And then all the gaze on the channels is kind of like putting the fancy details on it, right. Like to find the when you tune up a car and make it really fancy, like the leather seats. But it's going to drive without the leather seats, right? I don't necessarily need that. So it's really like that's kind of the fancy stuff. But we need to focus on the basics first. Yeah.


Speaker A 00:55:39

And I know that you got certified with Karen, and I know that just recently, I'm pretty sure she just released her newest workbook that actually helps people who are new to human design to actually have a workbook to kind of guide them through understanding their design.


Speaker B 00:55:56

Yes, I think it's blue because the original book is red. It's called understanding human design. And I do believe I don't have it myself, but yes, you're right. She just recently released that. Yeah.


Speaker A 00:56:08

So that could be a good resource.


Speaker B 00:56:09



Speaker A 00:56:10

Now, you had mentioned that you have a business partner and you guys have a program together. You've also mentioned that you've briefed on some of the things that you offer, like human design readings yourself, and you have your podcast, which I'll put a link in the show notes. But is there anything else that you're up to and is there any ways that we can get a hold of you that you want me to include in the show notes for anyone out there who's resonating with your message?


Speaker B 00:56:37

Yeah. Anything with the Land living academy? Again. It's elandlivingacademy.com. We have a human design certification there where we also integrate the deconditioning in there, plus your own personal human design, and you learn how to give readings and integrate it into your own products, services, and the clients that you work with. But we also have just personal kind of offerings as well. And then my own website is my first and my last name Annalinafox.com, so I have lots of deconditioning, actually, like lots of energy healing modalities that are already prerecorded, actually, for the Gates, for example. I have a lot of content around that. I do the readings, I do private coaching. Honestly, my main favorite ideal client are manifesting generators because that's who I am. And if you call yourself, like, an introvert or highly sensitive or empathic person. So that's really who I mainly work with for like a six month container. If you want to go really deep into embodying your human design and implementing it into your business so you can create with more ease and sustainability. Yeah, I think that's basically slowing down podcast. I'm very active mostly on Instagram. I'm always happy to connect if there's anything in regards to collaborations, I have become more selective. I mean, as my sacral is guiding me to what’s right., because I cannot do it all, but yeah, I'm very nice and loving person and love to meet you and to connect and all of that good stuff.


Speaker A 00:58:11

That's awesome. I'm really glad that you have that kind of preferred focus. And I think that's really needed out there is, like, people who are generators but also introverted, because can't that be an interesting situation sometimes, like, as you said, yeah, if you're a generator, you actually really need to be around people. But if you're super introverted, sometimes it's really hard to put yourself out there around a lot of people.


Speaker B 00:58:36

Yeah, it can be quite economically for me. I'm a manifesting generator. You would never think but you have no idea how many introverted, highly sensitive managers and generators are out there and they probably feel very misunderstood. Yeah, that's another reason why human design was such a game changer for me.


Speaker A 00:58:56

Yeah, I mean, I understand I am a generator that is an introvert and a four six. So also having the four line need for those relationships, it's like a very interesting balance. So definitely can spend some time until you understand your design being like what's wrong with me?


Speaker B 00:59:16

Nothing. You are? Yeah.


Speaker A 00:59:19

Oh my goodness. Do you have anything else that you're just super passionate about sharing around these topics that I haven't asked you about yet that you would like to have the floor to speak on?


Speaker B 00:59:33

Yeah, one of the things that I have started, I think I've mentioned it briefly, I started to talk a lot more about money especially and that's why I also love the gene key so much because we live in this world where it's always about I hear people what? I'm not successful yet and why? Well, because I haven't made X amount of money. Right. We make that, so many of us. Unless you make X amount of money, you're successful. Right, but it's really like what does success and especially the word prosperity really means for us? Right. It's not the accumulating stuff and wealth and actually being in a codependent relationship where we based on how much money we have, this is how we feel. Right. So I have now started to work because I have done this work a lot with my private clients over the years and they have seen amazing results. My relationship with money has completely shifted, especially how I feel about money because you can have a lot of money but feel very scared around money. Right? And that's not really sustainable. So I started to do more work around that and I'm in the process right now to actually create some smaller programs to help people and through the lens of human design, of course, right, with the energies and the charts and stuff like that and the deconditioning practices. And actually there will be something for everybody, like also at a lower kind of price investment, because I think the worst thing that can happen for people because I was there, right? When you're really in, like, a very tight money situation, or you have a lot of fears around money, and then you feel like the only way to get out of it is to pay into this high ticket program, and then you're even worse getting more pressure to make more money, right? So I want people to really empower them to have a very Roman relationship with money where they can actually see how money is our spiritual teacher and how it is okay to want to have money, but also not to be codependent with money, right? How you can have this both and how human design and actually the gene keys are actually such a powerful tool with that in the context of the deconditioning work. And I have started to talk a lot about it already on my Instagram as well. And people seem to love it. So that's another area where also according to my human design, I'm supposed to talk about it and I'm actually driven by money, but I also had to learn myself, right? Like three or four years ago I couldn't have done it because I was still in the scarcity mode where I was like, oh, I need to invest into a program so that I can be successful or I need this, right? And this has completely shifted for me, where I'm now doing something to really light up my sequel and then just money shows up as a side product. But I used to be in this like, wow, what can I do to make money? It has never worked. Never. And when I see this coaching space still for the majority, it's like, why do we even have to say how much money we make? What is that helping anybody? Because when I see in people's instagram bias, I'm a six figure earner, I'm a seven figure earner. People tend to invest actually from a scarcity place because they think if I'm going to invest with this person, I'm going to make a million dollar or something like that. They put so much pressure on themselves and the motivation behind is oftentimes not the right one because not everybody actually is aligned or meant to be a millionaire or have a fancy sports car. For some people, that's exactly right for them, but some people actually don't care. They could care less, but they may think that's what they want because of conditioning of society, right? Right. And there can be people out there that are the happiest if they have a tiny house in the countryside there are other people they want to have that big mansion that's aligned for them or whatever, right? And also what I'm really in that context very passionate about is like I call it conscious money where no matter how financially wealthy we are we always have to keep in mind Mother Earth. And if this is sustainable, right? Because if I have a lot of money but I'm doing things with my business that are kind of better for the environment that is not sustainable, that is not how it's meant to be, right? But if I have access to a lot of money and I can create good things with that and improve the health of Mother Earth and support other people so more people can live in alignment with who they really are and have sustainable business practices and farming practices and all these kind of things, but not create businesses from a place of greed, right, where it's always like more and more. That is not what we're heading. So I guess I'm a little bit passionate about it. I don't know.


Speaker A 01:04:22

Well, when you talk about conscious money you're speaking the language because I really hope that is the direction we're shifting. I feel like it is slowly I really hope it is because yes, I think that is so important is not just making all of it but like what are we doing with it? Not only how are we creating it and the impact we're having on the earth but how are we spending it, who are we choosing to spend it, where are we choosing to spend it and what are we choosing to spend it on? And are those businesses conscious minded?


Speaker B 01:04:59

Yeah, exactly. And we are in a little bit of a dilemma right now, right? Because many people that have very limited access to money they're almost being forced to buy from companies that have labor practices that are super unethical and foods that are super toxic, right? Because they're cheap. And it's for us to bring back that equilibrium in the world. And I really believe that will depend a greater deal on the people that have access to a lot of money and make those conscious choices. Where we're going to say we are not going to support any kind of company anymore that is using pesticides. We're not, we are not going to support any kind of companies anymore that are paying under wage x amount of money for people that cannot even like by working full time afford to just have a general living, right, like those kind of things. I really feel like that's why I believe there needs to be actually more money in the hands of conscious leaders that are making those more conscious choices and I want to empower them more and more with that.


Speaker A 01:06:03

Yeah, I love that. I think that it's spot on. It's so important. We need the transfer of the money to, like you said, end up in the hands of conscious leaders. For sure. Because it is a catch 22 right now where so many people, maybe they would make better, healthier choices for themselves and the Earth, but they are in a position where they literally can't. Yeah, it's really hard. This is totally going on a sidetrack here. But the other day I got so excited because I saw that there's finally a business that's making compostable undergarments.


Speaker B 01:06:39

Oh, my God. Yeah.


Speaker A 01:06:40

Which is so cool.


Speaker B 01:06:42

I get the biggest kick. Honestly, you give me a million dollars, I would build an eco friendly house. Everything organic, like essential oils and healthy food. Just when I see a piece of furniture that is like from real reclaimed, refurbished wood or something like that right. Instead of these kind of chemically colored kind of cheap stuff that you find here. It's just so beautiful. And I love minimalism and simplicity and that's really what luxury is for me. But the more we're connected to Mother Earth and nature and sustainability and create also buildings that last longer, like, I mean, we live here in Florida, right? And I could go on the rent, but the way the buildings are built here, it's just a disaster. The quality, everything is made to break and I'm just like plastic. I always get excited when there are things like, oh, we have straws now that are made from Apple Park or something.


Speaker A 01:07:45

Yeah, exactly. But yeah, I mean, the key is to getting it to an affordable price for most people.


Speaker B 01:07:51

Yeah. Because if those draws cost $10 each.


Speaker A 01:07:56

Month, which means that then the people that are choosing to do this growth minded work are the ones that need to start up in their worthiness levels when it comes to money and trusting that they're worth it. Yeah, for sure.


Speaker B 01:08:11

I think there needs to be taxes for companies that are still using plastic and any kind of those kind of things. I'm not really like into politics. Those are those kind of things that I would start to implement. Yes.


Speaker A 01:08:27

Can't we dream? Not even dream. Let's just keep holding that intention.


Speaker B 01:08:32

Well, let's keep the vision. Anything? Yeah, keep it. Exactly.


Speaker A 01:08:37

Hopefully we'll get to see it in our lifetime. Oh, my gosh. I think we could make an entire episode out of talking about this because it's my passion. I am always looking for new companies that do things from other Earth. I truly believe that when she's healthy, we can be healthy and there's an inverse relationship, for sure. So we'll just leave that little nugget for everyone listening. A little bonus.


Speaker B 01:09:00

Yeah. Honestly, human design and gene key, they're all about that because we are on this towards 2027 right now where Karen says it's so beautiful. The new currency is going to be well being, and we will see if things are going to shift. I can't feel it in the core of my being. I know it's happening.


Speaker A 01:09:23

Yeah. Right now.


Speaker B 01:09:26



Speaker A 01:09:27

That's awesome. Do you want to just quickly tell anybody who's listening still what 2027 is about in the realm of there's like I know raw, I don't know the right word, I guess, like kind of future projected, like what's going to be yeah.


Speaker B 01:09:42

So Tower 2027 and again, I don't have a golden, I mean like a crystal ball or something like that, but just from what I can feel in the core of my being is that what's going to shift? Is that any kind of business, especially I'm talking about business right now, business practices that are not sustainable for mother Earth, that are out of integrity, especially based on corruption, they're going to fall apart. It's not sustainable. Anything that's basically built on a fear based structure because money can flow well, office over fears and the majority of money is still tied up in fear. So the most profitable industries today are still like war in the medical industry, like a lot where there's a lot of fears with that as well. Alcohol, right? Like weapons and things like that. So there's a lot of things going on. It's very out of balance and that will shift. It's also going to be like, yeah, your well being is going to be more of a currency. So the better you take care of your body, eating healthy nutritious foods is going to be probably one of the best investments you can make into yourself. There's going to be a shift with how we eat. So there's going to be more of a vegetarian kind of diet, less meat products. And while still some people need to eat meat, it's not going to completely fall away. But some of the children that will be born, especially starting in 2027, they may not even tolerate animal products anymore. And I think we have already seen this, right? Like I'm not vegan or vegetarian myself. I eat very selectively meat, but I can't eat much and I cannot eat that kind of regular meat you buy in the supermarket that is kind of full of antibiotics and whatever.


Speaker A 01:11:26



Speaker B 01:11:27

So that's going to be shifting. I think we're going to live much more like community base where we can really support each other much more because it's also we're trying to do it all of ourselves instead of like supporting each other. And also with food because we are very codependent right now with food, especially in Florida, right. Everything is imported. So we need to go back more to sustainable farming practices and kind of how we did everything back in the days, our grandparents. We were just going back there to being more in touch with nature and a lot of the structures that we have and the gap between poor and rich. We have to come back into harmony and find more balance and where we as the people are more in charge. So Cryptocurrency is going to, I think, play a big part of that as well. So just kind of a few points, I guess. I think that in itself could be a whole hour conversation.


Speaker A 01:12:28

I know. We'll leave it at that. We'll be like a teaser.


Speaker B 01:12:32



Speaker A 01:12:34

All right. Well, I just wanted to say that I had such an amazing time chatting with you today. You are a wealth of knowledge, and I just think you definitely have a gift in your capacity to teach and how you convey this beautiful wisdom with the world. And I just wanted to say thank you for what you do and then for being here today with me and everyone who will be listening.


Speaker B 01:12:55

It was so much fun. Thank you for giving me something to respond to.


Speaker A 01:13:00

All right, friends, that is what we have for today. I hope you got some good notes, some awesome insights and inspiration in the ways that learning more about your design can support you. If you haven't done so already, please click that subscribe button so that you have every new episode ready for you in your library. Tune in this Friday for the weekly challenge, and visit my new website, www.rpoweriswithin.com, where you can now listen to episodes directly from the web. You can even send me voice memos so that I can hear your lovely voice. And you can leave reviews and ratings right on the web. Have some fun today. And until next time, you know the drill. Make the week great.