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Dec. 28, 2021

70: Rewiring Our True Self Expression w/ Dr Cathleen King

70: Rewiring Our True Self Expression w/ Dr Cathleen King

Our guest today is Dr Cathleen King back for round two. IF you missed her first episode you can check it out episode 26 where we chat all about primal trust:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/our-power-is-within/id1530264924?i=1000510323438

This week's episode we talk about what it means to rewire our true self expression rather than rewiring in circles. Dr Cat answers so many questions about what this means, what is true self, how do we begin to discover true self, how does primal trust relate to true self, and so much more. IF you haven't heard of Dr Cathleen King, be sure to check this episode out and then click the link to her website to learn more about her Primal Trust Academy which includes a library of past classes, a whole weekly schedule of so many wonderful supportive classes from different instructors ranging from sound therapy, somatic movements, attunements, mentorships and more. This Academy also features her different self guided courses like Creating Calm, and will include her live Primal Trust Mentorship, which has been expanded now to five months for a true deep dive, which includes learning how to self regulate, healing old wounds, and true self alignment plus so much more. Her next live Primal Trust Mentorship begins January 25th so check it out now! 

Sign up for the new Primal Trust Academy HERE: https://cathleenking.simplero.com/products/143239-PRIMAL-TRUST-ACADEMY-AND-COMMUNITY?ref=41388-Our-Power-Is-Within

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