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Oct. 25, 2022

107: How We Respond to Symptoms Impacts Our Feeling of Safety w/ Dan Buglio

107: How We Respond to Symptoms Impacts Our Feeling of Safety w/ Dan Buglio

Our guest today, Dan Buglio, is back for round 2. Many know Dan in the community through you tube and his FB group, Pain Free You. After enduring 13 years of chronic back pain and Sciatica, Dan was finally able to end his pain with a Mindbody Approach pioneered by Dr. John Sarno. Dan has remained pain free and has continued to be fascinated with this topic for the past 12 years.  3.5 years ago, Dan began publishing daily free coaching videos to Facebook and YouTube under the name Pain Free you, which many people find incredibly supportive and calming.  Dan's daily videos are helping people around the globe get well.  He also runs a popular and ongoing group coaching program for those that want a higher level of support in their recovery. This program is a very affordable approach to having not only Dan's support, but peer to peer support as well. 

In addition, in this past year Dan has introduced a new term for the cause of pain or other symptoms.  Perceived Danger Pain (PDP) or (PDS) for Perceived Danger Symptoms.  The term more accurately explains the cause of pain or other symptoms. In today's episode we talk about how powerful of an impact our response to new pain, symptoms, or sensations in our body has on the outcome and whether or not something becomes chronic. There is way to create safety again and we go into this in depth. 

People can find Dan at:  PainFreeYou.com and http://DansYouTube.com as well as his FB group: Pain Free You. 

To listen to the first episode we had with Dan click HERE  to listen to episode #25: You Are Not Broken 

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