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Aug. 30, 2022

101: Your Guide to Finding Truth & Freedom w/ Scott Robinson AKA The Brain Guy

101: Your Guide to Finding Truth & Freedom w/ Scott Robinson AKA The Brain Guy

Welcome to our final episode of season 2. Our guest today is Scott Robinson AKA The Brain Guy. Scott is a returning guest. His first episode was #19. IF you have not given that a listen I encourage you to check it out. Scott is a senior lecturer with the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology & works directly to achieve balance in the governing systems of the body, optimizing nervous system communication, as well as upgrading the subconscious programs to meet with the requirements of your very best life. He is also a true gift. I have learned so much from every conversation I have with Scott. Today we have an in depth conversation about the perfection of life and humanity. We talk about what is truth, how do we find truth, and the path to truth. We talk about the difference between ego conscious and higher conscious, and how higher conscious is simple, while ego conscious makes everything complicated. He teaches us that we are all here to heal and what that means. By the end of today's episode Scott will provide many practical examples of next steps we can take on our journey of healing, aka life. 

You can follow Scott on IG @The.Brain.Guy 

Website: https://www.thebrainguy.co/

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