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Oct. 5, 2021

58: Laughter Medicine with Robert Rivest

58: Laughter Medicine with Robert Rivest

Our guest today is Robert Rivest. Robert brings a super fun chat to the table for us! The shares with us all about his years of experience with laughter and the profound positive impacts it has made in his own life. Between his background In mime, mindfulness, tai-chi, qi gong & laughter yoga - Robert understand the important of play and being silly. He incorporates laughter practices amongst other things into his life everyday and supports so many people on their journey to learn to laugh more in more ways. Robert brings us some really insightful perspective, practical tips, and even takes us on a little journey of laughing and feeling the difference today. He has a wide array of virtual offerings so I encourage you to check out the link to his website. In addition he already has hundreds of free you tube videos available online for you to laugh along to. Have you laughed lately?

To connect with Robert you can find him on you tube, IG or FB @robertrivest 

You can explore his website for offerings as well as his videos organized by category: http://www.robertrivest.com 

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