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Dec. 14, 2021

68: Joy Beyond Grief with Janice Thompson

68: Joy Beyond Grief with Janice Thompson

Our guest today is Janice Thompson. Janice suffered the loss of her husband in 2002. In her own grieving process, she discovered she was never fully over the loss of her father at 14. She had this experience of layered grief and witnessed how this played out in her own life. She learned immensely through this journey so much about grief, and what it means to move beyond grief into joy in right timing.

She shares with us her story, how she was able to shift, the impact this shift and healing had on her family & children, and it led her into becoming a coach to support other people on their journeys, as well as she has recently authored a book called Joy Beyond Grief, which is set to publish shortly into the new year.

IF you have ever experienced grief, loss of any kind, and if you find that it is difficult for you to speak about death, or hold space for someone dear to your heart who is going through a grieving process, this episode might speak to you.

To connect with Janice visit her website: https://janicethompson.co.uk/about/

You can email her directly: hello@janicethompson.uk

You can also find her private FB group called: Joy Beyond Grief

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