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March 3, 2023

Mini Challenge Series Month 2 week 1

Mini Challenge Series Month 2 week 1

Welcome to my mini challenge series  month 2 week 1, where we will upgrade our lives together, and win prizes doing it.

This month's theme is Awareness/Mindfulness/Presence. This week's focus is to incorporate a wonderfully amazing tool called orienting - my favorite! 

What does this mean? It means taking a moment, let's say at least 5 minutes in your day to engage in your senses and really allow the experience to pull you into the gorgeous NOW moment. Whether you are resting in bed, sitting outside or out for a walk, this is a wonderful took to really begin appreciating how magical our senses really are, and how extra special the now is. 

This challenge can benefit everyone - so invite your friends and family to join the fun. 

Be entered into a drawing for a prize giveaway at the end of this month for your participation. Details in this episode on how to win, but ways to be entered into the drawing are: 

Join my private podcast FB group for interaction with the challenge!

Check out the podcast's NEW WEBSITE & leave me a voice memo sharing an experience you have with orienting. 

Share an Instagram story of you doing your challenge and tag me, and of course you can private DM me too! 

Two wonderful comprehensive brain retraining programs that include wonderful tools like orienting to support you on your journey are: 

CFS School 


There are also some other really great brain retraining self study programs to help you on this journey of healing: 



Vital Side 

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