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Oct. 26, 2021

61: Peace Surpasses Understanding: A Testimonial w/ Jeff Craigen

61: Peace Surpasses Understanding: A Testimonial w/ Jeff Craigen

Our guest today is Jeff Craigen. Jeff shares with us today his testimonial and how he healed from an incurable autoimmune disorder amongst many other symptoms. He shares what he discovered along the way about himself, reconnected with Joy, and so so much more. Jeff is now a coach and facilitator to help guide others on their path of healing. Jeff truly believes in empowerment and that we are all our own healer & when you work with Jeff his goal it to just guide you into that belief for yourself, to discover your own truth within and experience your healing as well. Jeff really inspired me in this conversation today, expanded my mind and I had a couple of my own epiphanies. Jeff believes we are not broken, we don’t need to be fixed, and we definitely don’t need to heal or change to be perfect.

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Go to his website for more information on his coaching plus his extremely generous C.U.R.E program (come uncover repressed enjoyment). He is offering this program right now generously for only $99.00 and it is filled with so much supportive content. https://www.mindbodyhealer.com/

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