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Feb. 1, 2022

75: Panel Discussion on Movement as Medicine with Susan, Glenda, & Allison

75: Panel Discussion on Movement as Medicine with Susan, Glenda, & Allison

Today I have a special treat! Not one guest - but three! Welcome Susan P, Glenda C, and Allison to the show for a panel discussion on all things movement (exercise) and healing! These 3 ladies are all DNRS brain retrainers, who also have been participating in my movement classes for about the last year. They join me to discuss all things movement. We talk about when they felt ready to incorporate movement into their retraining experience. How movement has impacted their healing, movement/exercise goals, as well as how movement has even created positive mental shifts. We have so much fun in this discussion and I am excited to share it with YOU!  

Allison Keatley is a life coach and can be reached akeatley@gmail.com. 

IF you want to try out one of my movement classes, which is designed to support those on their healing journey through chronic pain & illness, the first class is always FREE! I also offer private sessions to help you meet your goals <3 


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