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Feb. 22, 2022

78: Peeling Back The Layers, A Testimonial w/ Simona Irwin

78: Peeling Back The Layers, A Testimonial w/ Simona Irwin

Our guest today is Simona Irwin. She is here to share her testimonial story. She uses different modalities along the way like DNRS (brain retraining), expressive writing for emotional release, the Dare Response App, and eventually found her way into the Primal Trust Mentorship. She is a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur. She shares with us what life was like retraining and staying committed to her healing while also wearing all these different hats. We also talk about all kinds of other fun things, like how her relationships deepened, how she discovered so much more about who she was and what her values are, and how her life has shifted. We talk about how she was able to discern when she felt a pull into exploring a different path or route or when using a different tool or modality felt right for her, and so much more. 

IF you want to reach out to Simona she can be found on the gram @si.mo.mo You can also find her leading a study group for the Primal Trust Mentorship inside the Primal Trust Academy. You can get more information on this amazing ongoing community platform and sign up here: https://cathleenking.simplero.com/products/143239-PRIMAL-TRUST-ACADEMY-AND-COMMUNITY?ref=41388-Our-Power-Is-Within

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