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March 15, 2022

80: Emerging Into Life: A Panel Discussion w/ Jill, Meredith, & Rena

80: Emerging Into Life: A Panel Discussion w/ Jill, Meredith, & Rena

I have my 2nd panel discussion today so I bring to you three lovely guests who are here to share the insights they have gained as they have navigated their healing (becoming) journeys. We have a really fun chat together & I am excited to share this with you. All three ladies have such incredibly unique experiences on their journeys and it is so much fun to see this uniqueness & all of these perspectives come together in one beautiful dialogue. All three ladies can be contacted via the information provided down below, as well as there is a link to Flowly, which you will learn more about in the discussion today.

Jill White: email: white.jill.e@gmail.com or IG @pathway2theheart

Meredith: IG @innercompasshealth or Website: innercompasshealth.com or email: Meredithwilenskycoaching@gmail.com

Rena's website: renareiser.com

All three ladies mention Dr Cathleen King's Primal Trust Mentorship. Click HERE for more info! 


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