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April 12, 2022

83: Follow Your Heart w/ Josette Tkacik: A Healing Testimonial

83: Follow Your Heart w/ Josette Tkacik: A Healing Testimonial

Our guest today is Josette Tkacik. Josette has been called the best online Zumba instructor, she is the #1 author of Om Daily, she is known as a Santa Barbara hero, and has an absolutely inspiring testimonial to share with us today. Josette found herself in severe pain from a very doom & gloom prognosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, she had a whisper in her heart that there was more to her story. Through her illness she rediscovered her bliss, her joy, her purpose & her life path. Through shifting her diet and staying committed to her truth, Josette danced her way into well being, which was her bliss. Not only did Josette discover the key to her healing, but she created a wildly successful Zumba business along the way. This is such an awesome story & she is such an inspiration! 

Connect with Josette: 

website: https://www.josettetkacik.com/AboutJosette

IG: @josettetkacik

FB: ZumbainSB

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