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April 26, 2022

84: Our Own Hero's Journey w/ Leslie Grasa: A Testimonial

84: Our Own Hero's Journey w/ Leslie Grasa: A Testimonial

Our guest today is Leslie Grasa. Leslie has been on her own hero's journey, as she refers to it, and she is here today to share some of her story with us all. As she talks about, we are all writing our stories, and being able to narrate them and share them with each other is powerful source of healing for ourselves and each other. We talk about her experience with energy healing, like Reiki, her experience using a popular brain retraining program known as DNRS, and her experience with various psychedelic drugs used in a therapy assisted setting. She shares with us how each experience has been a layer of the onion being peeled back on her journey, that has all brought her to where she is today, and what is next. 

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