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May 3, 2022

85: Never Give Up: A Testimonial w/ Lisa Samson-Gatto

85: Never Give Up: A Testimonial w/ Lisa Samson-Gatto

Our guest today is Lisa Samson-Gatto. Lisa first began experiencing healing through the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, DNRS, a brain rewiring system by Annie Hopper. After committing fully to this program for a period of time, she then shifted her focus into Dr Cathleen King's Primal Trust Mentorship. She is here with us today to tell her testimonial story of how she was able to find relief from her chronic conditions as well as learn to live her values and create a life she loves. Lisa now has her own coaching practice, as well as a business in creating healing symbols, which is a big part of the primal trust mentorship program. 

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