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May 17, 2022

87: The Gifts Keep Coming: A Testimonial w/ Lisa Siegel

87: The Gifts Keep Coming: A Testimonial w/ Lisa Siegel

Our guest today is Lisa Siegel. Lisa shares with us her story of how she awakened into her spiritual nature through her recovery journey. What started as a series of physical accidents that led to a major concussion and eventually severe vestibular system disorder, Lisa soon discovered in her journey was actually so much more. She was able to see how her trauma and loss that she experienced early on in her life actually came to her through love, in an effort to help guide her spirit & soul into her own becoming of true nature. Lisa has learned and experienced what it means to manifest and create our reality, through calling into her life an epic love, she has discovered what it means to have self compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness and so much more. She shares with us the many ways the gifts keep coming in her life through this journey she has been on. She also shares her perspective on life purpose and what that might actually mean - are we putting more pressure on ourselves to figure out our purpose than we need to be? 

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